Workshops and Seminars

Help build families that Thrive
Now available in-person or online.

Seminars and workshops to equip parents in balancing a busy family and working life.

Discover what children need most
Build warm family relationships where children feel loved and valued
Learn ways to reduce the chaos and make discipline calm and effective.. Everyday!

Thousands of people have been impacted and inspired by the Families Course including corporations such as Mirvac, community organisations and schools around Australia, UK and Canada.

The Families Corporate Workshop is headed by Sallie Hammond, founder of Fusion’s Families Course. Sallie is a parenting educator, author and mum of four who has been supporting and training families for over 30 years. Sallie will be joined by her passionate team who have a lifetime of experience in education and family training.

There are ten workshop topics (see flyer). Each topic is one hour in length.

The proceeds go to supporting Fusion’s work with disadvantaged families throughout Australia.

For more information contact:

Sallie Hammond
0431 433 422

“You can always improve your skills as a parent. No one’s perfect. I think everyone should take time out to take a good look at themselves, to see what they need to work on, to give their child the best chance at life.”


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