What is the Families Course?

Choosing values. Learning skills. Building families that thrive!

The Families Course is an initiative of Fusion Australia.  In this short course, parents, grandparents, carers and others will develop a picture of the family they want, and will learn skills and strategies to make that happen.

Raising your children is the most important role you will ever have. You are literally giving them strong foundations for life.

Jo Frost (Supernanny)

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Research tells us that warm, connected relationships protect children from risky behaviour more than anything else! When young people feel disconnected, their behaviour deteriorates. We can build emotional connection in our families through small interactions every day.


Nurturing relationships provide a safe place to come back to when things go wrong. All children need nurture; they need to know someone is there to care, to listen and to understand their world. 


Like a healthy eco-system, a family provides a place of both nurture and structure, where needs are met, and people are strengthened to grow and reach their full potential.

“I have learnt the importance of nurturing skills like listening. The course shows how to listen more effectively. It’s made a big difference in my family.”

Jen, Melbourne

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